Avail impact resistant and fireproof FireCrunch

We are offering the multipurpose building boards at very attractive prices to our clients. You can make use of boards for both internal and external applications. Our boards are designed with the taped edges so suited for internal and external applications. Our boards are easy to use and handle, can be used on walls and floors. Our fire resistant, fire is coming in handy where fire safety is critical as it will not combust at the temperature 800ºC. The fibre composite mix is used manufactures this board so it is impermeable to insects and termites. Our products are timber free and manufactured from MgO.

Easy to handle

Our Alternative Building Board Sydney is new age high density multipurpose MgO board. It is a highly reliable, durable, non-combustible product to utilize in an array of application that requires a combination of water and fire resistant and also superior performance in various conditions. Our FireCrunch can be used as an alternative to plasterboard, where a great dimensional stability is needed, since our products are not rotted. Our FireCrunch have been sued on plenty of projects and project types.

Our weather resistant board is a high performance and high quality. We are the leading and reputed Australian based firm to offer the top quality FireCrunch. We are registered with ASIC under the law of corporations, so you are at the right place to get the highly reliable and guaranteed services. You can get fireproof, low thermal conductivity building boards for your construction projects. These are completely resistant to insect and termites and also ensured to get the allergy free products.

Our products are robust and high strength, so you can stay away from maintenance and replacement issues. Our building board Sydney has dual faced; one side smooth and the other side are texture less to enhance the flexibility of general purpose construction applications.

As a responsible business, we are committed to:

  • Responsible buying
  • Reducing carbon emissions
  • Promoting health and safety
  • Sustainable materials
  • Waste management
  • Transport efficiency.

Committed to protecting the environment

Our mission is to constantly enhance our environmental performance, reducing the impact our operations and preventing pollution. So we are providing the ECO friendly, CO2 neutral, non toxic products to our clients. We strongly believe that is our social and corporate responsibility to help save the global forest, their by promoting the effective forestry management. So you can make use of our Environmental Plasterboard Sydney in a wide variety of applications; less environmental damages.

The primary step in building construction is acquiring a high quality building board. This will help your building to be protected from flood and other weather storm. Our fire safety building boards are beneficial to use in Bushfire zone buildings, as they are withstand in extreme temperature. All our products are specifically designed to meet the maximum flame zone and also stronger than plasterboards. So you can use our Alternative Plasterboard Sydney, in any commercial building construction where there is need of greater moisture resistance.


  • Fire resistant to extremely high temperatures (1200ºC).

  • Meets AS 3959 BAL FZ and more up to FRL 90/90/90.

  • Non-combustible (AS 1530.1) valid 2025 NATA CSIRO.

  • Smoke and heat release AS 3837 valid 2025 NATA CSIRO.

  • 30, 60, 90 and 120 minute fire resistance.

  • Fire tested (AS 1530.4) valid 2025 NATA CSIRO.

  • Non-asbestos, AS 4964 NATA Labs Australian certification.

  • Resistant to flooding and prolonged water emersion.

  • Resistant to bacteria moisture, humidity, mould and mildew.

  • Completely resistant to termites and insects.

  • Low thermal conductivity ~0.44 (W/mk).

  • Higher R-values than plasterboard.

  • Less expensive, eliminates multiple layers of plasterboard for high FRL.

  • (RISF) Resistance to Incipient Spread of Fire and Flashover (AS5637 CSIRO) valid to 2025.


See Certifications

FRL 90/90/90 1 x 10mm sheet EACH SIDE STEEL FRAMES FRL 60/60/60 1 x 10mm sheet PER SIDE TIMBER FRAMES

10 times stronger than plasterboard.
LOAD BEARING 55kN (1.5 hrs) at 1000⁰C (see CSIRO fire test report).

Rw 62 AS 717.1 (See Certifications)

Nil content test AS 4964 Nil Chloride
R and U value (See Certifications).

Cuts, saws, drills, routs, with timber tools, power gun screwing, massive time saving on installation.

Labour Cost Benefits
FireCrunch requires 1 sheet each side for FRL up to FRL 90/90/90 (FyreChek needs 3 layers 13mm each side) or 2 layers 16mm.

10 x Stronger than plasterboard density 1.15g/cm3.

95% less CO2 emission than plasterboard