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Fire & Acoustic Batts

Additional Reference Information

The R.2.5 Gold Batt can be used in timber framing up to FRL 60/60/60 single stud frames and to FRL 90/90/90 in intertenancy and similar double stud timber fire and acoustic wall frames. See Manuals.

Steel frames single or double use R.2.5 Gold Batt for all FRL 30 mins to 120 mins. Note: Two layers 10m each side with offset joints min 50mm for FRL 120/120/120. Steel Spc 1.15BMT non-load bearing or load bearing to 55Kn or to Structural Engineers spec.

Primers, Finish Paints & Rendering

Primer Sealer

The use of this vapour permeable primer sealer Klaas coatings is a FireCrunch warranty requirement.

ALL MgSO4 boards are effectively breathing materials and this primer sealer allows that to continue even after using water based paints or extra waterproofing membranes where maybe required in heavy duty industrial use. The primer sealer S1 is a waterproofing application for internal and external residential and commercial use.

Once the S1 primer is applied any water based finishing paint or texture paints may be used.


First consult the manufacturers instructions and refer back to Fire crunch if more info is required.  A large range of renders have been used on FireCrunch MgSO4 K-Clad products over the past 9 years further info technical@firecrunchaustralasia.com.au or 1300 933 102

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