IMPORTANT NOTICE: FireCrunch MgO Board FCA is a “Non-Metal Corrosive”, MgO “Sulphate” Board (MgOS4), Australian NATA Labs Certified, Click Here for Non Chloride Non Corrosive Content Certificate.


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IMPORTANT NOTICE: FireCrunch MgO Board FCA is a “Non-Metal Corrosive”, MgO “Sulphate” Board (MgSO4), Australian NATA Labs Certified, Click Here for Non Chloride Non Corrosive Content Certificate.

FireCrunch is a multi-functional CSIRO NATA Labs, fire tested building board which can be used for both interior and exterior flooring applications for residential and commercial properties. FireCrunch allows for a durable and light weight building board that is quick and easy to install and meets the non-combustible, bushfire code AS /3959. AS/ 3837, AS1530.1, AS1530.4 , AS 1530.8.2. Resistant not only to fire, but also water, sound, impact, termites, mould and bacteria. FireCrunch is the leading choice as a multi-functional, all in one building board solution that is an environmentally friendly building material ; and a virtually carbon neutral building product. It meets three times the requirement level BAL FZ under bushfire code AS 1530.8.2 (See AS 1530.4-2005 CSIRO certificates on website). It also is AS/3959 roofs, walls and eaves.

FireCrunch is available in Tongue and Groove, T&G flooring boards. Firecrunch flooring boards are water resistant, when surface sealed, stronger and denser. The T&G board is grooved down one long side with a matching tongue down the other. Our FireCrunch Tongue and Groove flooring board range comes in superior high density building board structure 1.15g/cm3 finish, distinguishing it from other products. FireCrunch T&G flooring board is suitable for both interior, exterior flooring and exterior decking applications.

Tongue and Groove (T&G) and SQ edge flooring board dimensions:

    • 16mm thickness, TG16 2700 x 600 mm board size, approximately 32kg
    • 19mm thickness, TG19 2700 x 600 mm board size, approximately 39kg

Tongue and Groove High Density (T&G HD) flooring board dimensions:

    • 20mm thickness, SE20 2700 x 600 mm board size, approximately 33kg
    • 20mm thickness, SE20 2700 x 900 mm board size, approximately 48kg

FireCrunch flooring board does not require any special tools for installation, and can be cut and installed just like timber, and no expensive pre-drilling is required. In addition, no replacement is required after flooding; simply unscrew the flooring or wall boards from the framing, dry it out, light sand, and repaint. Our 16mm and 19mm T&G flooring is the answer for the best fix and a high load bearing (up to 6.0kN 450mm joists) NATA tested for strong and reliable BCA approved construction. Pre-seal facing surfaces prior installation or soon after with Rockcoat MgO sealer. firecrunch.com.au/recommended-products.

The multi-purpose functions of our premium flooring boards make it able to adapt to different environments with its strength and versatility. Our flooring board is very suitable for not only bushfire building prone areas but moisture prone areas as well where flooding is prevalent in low lying areas. And a flood resistant building board is required. FireCrunch will last the many years to come, with a lifespan exceeding most other building boards.


FCA provides timber framing termite protection where FCA sheets cover timber. Proper sealing of joints will ensure that correctly installed , destructive termites, highly prevalent in Australia, will not get to the timber framing where fire crunch termite proof timber building is required.

Our technology helps prevents fire damage. Download our brochure containing all our essential services which showcases the quality of FireCrunch.

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