Does FireCrunch have Australian Building Code certification?

Yes. FireCrunch is NATA Labs CSIRO Fire Certified to Australian standards and also complies with the following sections and volumes of the BCA (Building Code of Australia), ABCB Canberra and NCC National Construction Code. BCA Volume 1 Section C FRL (Timber Frame 60/60/60 Metal frame 90/90/90) Load bearing and( Non Load bearing FRL -/120/120. *** Fire ENG/ assessment / NCC BCA Volume 2 Part Fibre cement planks and weatherboard cladding. BCA Volume 2 Part Fibre cement sheet wall cladding. BCA Volume 2 Part Eaves and soffit linings. BCA Volume 2 Part 3.7.1 Fire separation for FRL to [...]

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Can I use FireCrunch for construction in a BAL FZ area FRL 30/30/30?

FireCrunch can be used for protection in all Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) scenarios,12.5 to Flame Zone. Meets AS/1530.8.2 walls roofs and floors AS/1530.1, AS1530.4 (C1..C19)-/ 2025 Fire Engineers Certificate NCC. One layer of FireCrunch 10mm can achieve FRL 60/60/60 on a timber frame and FRL 90/90/90 on a steel frame. For more information on building in BAL zones, view the Fire System installation manual: FCA Bushfire Manual 19mm Roofing Over Trusses.

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