FireCrunch must not be nailed, using hand hammered nails, this will void the warranty. Power driven nail hammers can be used however, always extra screw fix the 4 corners and board centres, and as well use corrosive proof galvanised nails only.

Take note of the recommended screws that must be used. (See Manuals & Drawings)

FireCrunch Australasia warrant the board only when the correct screws and system manuals are adhered to. (See Recommended Products).

Screw Fixing

Steel frame: For screwing FireCrunch panels to steel framing, we recommend using ribbed head bugle self countersinking screws available from all major hardware stores.

Timber frame: For screwing FireCrunch panels to wood framing we recommend using stainless steel (or suitably corrosion protected) 8-10 Countersinking Ribbed Head Class 2 / 3 screws (depending on timber hardness).