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BAL 29 Decking Board

BAL 29 Decking Board

At FireCrunch, providing home protection to properties in Australia is one of our prime business motives. We offer our Australia wide clients a range of fire rated and fire resistant building boards that are second to none. With years of experience and expertise within the building and construction industry, we have become the leading provider of BAL 29 decking board for residential and commercial properties. FireCrunch has retained Australian NATA accredited authorities such as the CSIRO to ensure our BAL 29 decking board adheres to the required Australian standards and levels of public and personal safety.

FireCrunch BAL 29 decking board is the perfect solution for bushfire prone areas and it is not only technically superior to conventional plasterboard products, but it is ultra-lightweight. A very cost-effective solution in high rise residential and commercial buildings where multiple layers of plasterboard are required compared to only a required one layer of FireCrunch. Our BAL 29 decking board is strong and highly durable with impact resistance. Composed of recyclable Magnesium Oxide (MgO), we abide by an environmentally friendly manufacturing process. We care about our planet and its environment. We have successfully established a powerful and responsible image in the market for BAL 29 decking materials. Meets the bushfire AS.3959 standards CSIRO and NCC FE certification roofs walls and eaves.

We have driven the concept of partnering our product benefits with environmental responsibility and it has been made through the advancement and promotion of our of eco-friendly BAL 29 decking range. Our building boards have become the preferred in all types of building construction where fire, flooding, termites, impact and health issues are a consideration. Committed to the safety and convenience of our customers, we supply our BAL 29 decking board without interruption to your construction project.

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BAL 40 decking Board

At FireCrunch, we are the leading provider of fire resistant BAL 40 decking board with second to none CSIRO fire tested certificates to our Australia wide clients. We acknowledge that Australia is a country regularly ravaged by dangerous bushfires of varying proportions which is why we have specifically and uniquely made our premium BAL 40 decking board from Magnesium Oxide (MgO), non-organic minerals, bonders and fibre mesh composites for a fireproof and resistant solution. Providing home fire protection to properties is our top priority and at FireCrunch, we have the perfect solution for a range of construction needs in one material.

By prioritising safety and security, our BAL 40 and BAL FZ decking board is a 21st century fire tested building board that has been thoroughly tested and approved with the highest certifications. Our BAL 40 BAL FZ AS 3959 decking products are non-combustible and has an exceptionally long lifespan, therefore maintenance and replacement is not an issue. Not only is our BAL 40 BAL FZ decking fire resistant, it also does not retain water, is impervious to termites, mould and bacteria do not grow on it, and is sound and impact resistant. FireCrunch meets all eight Australian climatic zones, making our BAL 40 AND BAL FZ decking board the smart and dependable choice.

Our quality BAL 40 and BAL FZ decking is also suitable for health areas as FireCrunch is completely free of harmful chemicals and toxins. Our environmentally friendly manufacturing process has allowed us to significantly reduce our carbon dioxide (Co2) emissions with our 100% recyclable BAL 40 decking board. Easy to use and install, no special tools are required to use FireCrunch. It can be sawn, drilled, and screwed, just like timber. To find out more information about our second to none BAL 40 decking product range, contact us at FireCrunch to talk to one of our specialists. Choose FireCrunch today.

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D-Deck Tongue Groove Decking

D-Deck Tongue & Groove Decking

Looking for fire rated tongue groove decking but cannot find what you are looking for?

This is where FireCrunch comes in. We are the leading provider of fire resistant tongue groove decking 16mm and 19mm in 2700 x600 with our unique and outstanding designs. With second to none certifications, FireCrunch products have been rigorously CSIRO tested and approved to ensure all requirements have been met and therefore compliant with Australian building standards. With years of experience and expertise within the field of building and construction materials, we provide environmentally friendly building materials made from only the best sustainable materials.

Made from a composition of Magnesium Oxide mixed with specialised resins and compounds, our tongue and groove board and decking is 100% recyclable and virtually carbon neutral. The manufacturing of our tongue groove decking produces 90% less carbon dioxide emissions compared to cement based products. FireCrunch tongue groove decking is highly water resistant, strong and dense with a groove down one long side with a matching tongue down the other. Our decking comes in a white or light grey finish, distinguishing it from other conventional products and is perfect for external applications. Easy to use and ultra-lightweight, FireCrunch is the smart and dependable choice. Compares better in price (30%) on market and easy fixing compared to standard groove decking. Compares to Scyon, Secura floor, Inex, James Hardy CSR and more.

As a proudly Australian owned and operated company, we are committed to preserving our environment with our eco-friendly responsible manufacturing process. We are also dedicated to delivering customer satisfaction and convenience to the highest standards. In order to do this, our tongue groove flooring decking products are sustainable and we provide Australia wide delivery without any interruptions to your construction schedule. Stop compromising your budget and safety. Choose FireCrunch today for all your tongue groove decking needs and discover the difference. A multipurpose, durable and cost-effective solution you can rely on.

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As a leading fire resistant, CSIRO fire tested building board, FireCrunch is perfect for decks and external applications for residential and commercial properties. A strong, durable and lighter weight fire resistant decking board with several resistance factors, for not only fire, but water, sound, impact, bacteria, mould and termite resistance. With a Fire Resistance Level of ( FRL) 90/90/90, FireCrunch is ideal for bushfire building prone areas (BAL FZ) and can withstand temperatures of up to 1200⁰C. As an environmentally friendly, low C02, sustainable, all in one building board, FireCrunch is the smart and dependable choice.

FireCrunch Tongue and Groove building board is available for decking and external applications. Our Tongue and Groove decking board is extremely water resistant, once MgSO4 Klaas S1 Aqua Crunch Vapour Permeable primer sealer ( warranty) is used, preferably before assembly.

This exceptionally strong dense 1.12g/m3 Tongue and Groove board 2700×600 19mm thick material can be painted with regular water or oil based paints,tiled, timber lined or carpeted. The AquaCrunch VP Primer sealer is sold by FireCrunch, ask us.

The boards have a tight fit tongue and groove section grooved down one long side with a matching tongue down the other.

Tongue and Groove (T&G) flooring board dimensions:

    • 16 mm thickness, 2700 x 600 mm board size, approximately 32 kg
    • 19 mm thickness, 2700 x 600 mm board size, approximately 36 kg

FireCrunch T&G decking boards cuts with timber tools, drills and saws with ease for trades persons and all who use it, saving substantial time in installation. No special tools are required, no pre-drilling or expensive diamond tipped saws, drills or routers. FireCrunch reduces labour cost installations. Pre seal the board with recc products web site prior to installation or soon after.

FireCrunch 19 mm T&G decking is the answer for a quick fix and a high load bearing 6.0 kN over 450 mm with 19 mm TG and 5.2 Kn over 600 mm joisting for strong and reliable BCA approved construction.

The all in one, multi-beneficial FireCrunch building board solution is recommended for bushfire building and flood prone areas. FireCrunch decking solutions are compliant under the bushfire code AS 3959 and AS 1530.8.2 and withstands many conditions, protecting homes and buildings against damage. BAL FZ compliant.

Apart from decking, the FireCrunch product range also includes building boards for other applications such as floors, walls, ceilings, eaves, soffits, boundary walls, and fencing, fire separation walls, pipe and electrical wall penetrations, and more.

The fully automated production and quality control capability and resultant minimum employees at FCA products, makes our pricing the most competitive in Australia.FCA 19mm TG is at least 30% below all other majors most of which do not have non combustible capability or NATA tested to BCA standards or in Fire and none have the very Eco Green low 5% net Co2 pollutive level of FCA, as they are all cement based.

MgO Flooring Boards

MgO Flooring Boards

Australian owned and operated, FireCrunch provide second to none MgO Tongue and Groove flooring boards that are made with high quality composites that are also environmentally friendly and sustainable. We supply our premium MgO flooring boards to our Australia wide clients in need of an all in one building solution that is fire resistant and can withstand various other Australian climatic conditions. Our goal at FireCrunch is to protect homes and properties as well as strengthen building structures from such unpredictable threats. Our NATA tested and approved MgO flooring boards are different to conventional flooring systems they are high impact, termite resistant, all while providing a very low carbon footprint of only 5%.

With our innovative and unique MgO flooring boards, we avoid harmful and toxic chemicals in our products for the safety of our customers and the environment. Materials involved represent a NATA tested and certificated “asbestos free” building materials chemical makeup; therefore, our MgO flooring boards are an ideal solution for hospitals and schools. FireCrunch multipurpose product for interior and exterior protection allows for a durable solution for all types of cladding flooring and exterior decking. Without the need for special tools to install our MgO flooring boards, it cuts and fixes timber tools while quickening the installation process with no pre-drilling.

The multipurpose functions of our quality products can adapt to different environments using the strength and versatility of MgO flooring boards. Whether it is wet and cold, or dry and hot, we recognise the importance of long lasting fire-resistant building boards. By focusing on providing durable fire proof building boards, we have become industry leaders with our sustainable systems designs.

For more information about our flooring boards, contact us. We have the perfect solution for all your construction needs, floors, decks, walls, ceilings and related fire protection needs.

Call us on 1300 933 102 or email sales@firecrunchaustralasia.com.au for updated information and pricing checks.

Tongue Groove Panels

Tongue groove panels

Here at FireCrunch, we are a proudly Australian owned and operated company providing environmentally friendly flooring and decking tongue groove panels that are fire certificated and second to none. Distinguished and trusted within the field of building and construction, we acknowledge the absolute need for fire resistant and fireproof building boards that are not only strong and durable, but also cost-effective. This is why we have specifically formulated our tongue groove flooring panels to withstand a number of climatic conditions whilst being a multipurpose product that can be used in multiple applications and more cost effective than any other decking or flooring substrate in Australia.

FireCrunch tongue groove panels are made with only with best materials to ensure an ultra-lightweight and easy to work with building board. We are committed to an eco-friendly manufacturing process that significantly reduces our carbon dioxide emissions and makes us a virtually carbon neutral company. We care about our planet and the environment, which is why we do not use any wood in our production process and that our tongue groove panels are 100% recyclable. Our tongue groove panels are not only very strong 19mm loading to loading to 6.0kN and cut saw and drill with timber tools and do not require time consuming pre-drilling while being 30% less in material costs to market competitors. FireCrunch will exceed the lifespan of standard building boards, where replacement and maintenance is not an issue.

FireCrunch tongue groove panels do not degrade in water or flooding, is sound proof, mould and bacteria resistant and is impervious to termites. Our tongue groove panels are highly water resistant, strong and dense and comes with a grey finishing, perfect for decks and external applications. Do not waste your time and effort on second rate building boards when FireCrunch has got what you need. We are the leading supplier of fire rated building boards in Australia. Contact us today at FireCrunch for more information and on how we can best help you.

Call us on 1300 933 102 or email sales@firecrunchaustralasia.com.au for updated information and pricing checks.

MgO Decking Boards

MgO Decking Boards

Are you looking for an all in one solution for your decking construction needs? Are you in need of not only fire resistant building boards but products that can withstand a number of conditions?

Here at FireCrunch, we have the perfect cost-effective solution for you. Our highly durable MgO decking boards are made from the finest environmentally friendly materials to produce lightweight building materials for modern construction.

Apart from being fire resistant to FRL 90/90/90 it is also termite proof, flood proof, mould mildew and bacteria cannot survive on FireCrunch. FireCrunch cuts, saws, and drills with timber tools and our MgO decking boards have an exceptionally long-life span, exceeding that of conventional fire-resistant building products. Durable, long lasting and 100% recyclable, FireCrunch is excellent for residential and commercial building, and your number one choice when it comes to second to none exterior Magnesium Oxide (MgO) decking boards.

Fire resistant bushfire building BAL FZ

Providing home fire protection to properties is one of our top priorities. We have retained Australian NATA accredited testing authorities such as the CSIRO to ensure all of our MgO boards are reliable and adhere to the required standards levels for public and personal safety. Not only do we provide premium MgO decking boards, FireCrunch is not a timber based product and we have successfully managed to reduce our carbon emission pollutants compared to cement based products. FireCrunch meets all BAL FZ, and bush fire-resistant building levels including BAL FZ flame zone and higher. Your home will not burn down in a bushfire protected by FireCrunch and used to our specifications.

Made with 45% Magnesium Oxide (waste product) and mixed with specialised IP compounds, our MgO boards are 100% recyclable. They are very strong at loadings NATA tested to 6.2kN.450mm joist centres. The longevity of our products prevents deterioration, making them a sustainable option for our Australia wide customers. Fire, water, sound, impact, termite and mould resistant, our MgO boards are the all in one solution for you.

Paint render or texture coat all surfaces interior exterior building board. One board multiple applications.

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MgO Decking Boards

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Gyprock board

Gyprock Board or plasterboard is a major seller around the world and has been for 70 years mainly because there has been nothing better to clad the interior of homes and buildings with.

Firecrunch has developed a wide range of interior and exterior use building board cladding products that have huge user benefits compared to weak high maintenance so called Fire Proof Plaster Board , and the very harmful health effects of such paper based products in enabling mould mildew and bacteria to grow upon it. Homes schools and Hospitals are major beneficiaries of Firecrunch. Gyprock Board has weak structure and immediately dissolves in water or flooding

Firecrunch provides a class 4 and up to 5 surface finish so is ideal for a wide range of applications

Compared to Gyprock Board, Firecrunch is for the reasons out lined above a superior product in long term use, but it has some serious additional benefits which place it far ahead of its Gyprock Board competition.

Fire, Flooding and Termites

Are three primary elements which cost Australian home owners million of dollars each year to say nothing of the fire safety risks in metro and bushfire building areas. Gyprock Board is just a building cladding material and can only be used effectively for interior cladding. Gyprock has no way of combatting fire effectively, Gyprock Board collapses in water or flooding and is no protection against termites who eat through the paper covering and then though the soft Gyprock plasterboard and start consuming the timber framing

The FireCrunch Fire Resistant Building Board compared to Gyprock alternative Board is enormous; Gyprock board cannot offer protection against sustained fire attacks. Firecrunch protects for up to 1.5 hours 90 minutes at 1200 deg c and Australian standards tested and certified by the CSIRO (With just 1 layer of 10mm Firecrunch. Gyprock Board and similar Fire Proof Plaster Board needs multiple layers with attendant substantial increase in material costs and installation labour

Gyprock Board cannot effectively protect against fire and not in a single 10mm board as does Firecrunch


No totally Fire Proof Plaster Board, or totally Fire Proof Building Board products really exist but Firecrunch is a new form of Fire Resistant Building Board, with very high fire resistant values replacing weak Fire Proof Plaster Board, with a far superior stronger and longer lasting magnesium oxide board ( MgO) Firecrunch Fire Resistant Building Board.

Firecrunch meets all Fire Proof Building Board and Fire Proof Plaster Board Australian standards in fire testing and is an Australian tested magnesium oxide board product certified by the CSIRO

Environmental Building Board

The standard Gyprock board is produced with features that do not meet modern Australian living needs and ECO standards. Green considerations are another reason why Firecrunch excels compared to Gyprock Board. Firecrunch is manufactured from 45 % waste materials in Magnesium oxide ( MgO) a steel processing waste derivative which is 100 % recyclable. The mfg kiln temperatures are half that of Gyprock board plaster products being only 650 deg c with 50% less Co2 in output. During carbonation ( which Gyprock Board does not do) some 90% of the Co2 is drawn back in the carbonation process. This makes Firecrunch 95% less a Co2 pollutant than Gyprock board and virtually carbon neutral.

The constant supreme quality of the Gyprock alternative and Alternative Plaster Board that you can find with Firecrunch Fire Resistant Building Board is due to the focus that Firecrunch gives on product testing and quality control measures. There are various methods of internal testing that are conducted by expert authorities like the CSIRO Hence, the final fire tested building board and fire safe building board  products that customers purchase from us are 100% high quality and tested to Australian standards which are some of the highest in the world.

There is a variety of FireCrunch product you can find with us, ranging from thickness of 3mm to 20mm and width of 1200mm , 900mm and 600mm the most common used Gyprock board is of 10 mm, and FireCrunch supplies in 10mm and a range of other sizes for uses beyond that covered by Gyprock Board plaster products

Firecrunch fire tested building board  is CSIRO certified for use in Residential, Commercial and Industrial properties

  • Firecrunch meets all profiles of use many not covered by Gyprock plaster board
  • SE square edge 3mm, 6mm,8mm and 10mm walls, ceilings
  • TE Tapered or Recessed edge (internal use plaster set joints) same sizes
  • CE Chamfered edge same thicknesses same sizes
  • TG Tongue and Groove Edge Flooring and decking 20mm

For further advice on how Firecrunch alternative cladding and flooring products can benefit your home or large residential or commercial building projects compered to Gyprock board

Please call us on 1300 933 102 or email sales@firecrunchaustralasia.com.au

Fireproof Plasterboard Alternative

Fireproof Plasterboard Alternative

Here at FireCrunch, we are highly committed to providing superior alternative fireproof plasterboard products at competitive prices.

We have successfully established a powerful and responsible image, setting higher standards in the fire-resistant building board market. We acknowledge the importance of providing our Australia wide customers with certificated fireproof plasterboard alternative products. The safety and security of you and your family is of utmost importance; therefore, our building boards are thoroughly tried and tested. We are committed to using only the best quality materials to produce our fireproof plasterboard alternative products.

All FCA MgO boards or Magnesium Oxide boards are metal corrosive Chloride (MgCl2) free.

FCA uses only Magnesium Sulphate (MgSO4) which is totally non-metal corrosive as the 2nd bonder and is the only smart choice in Australia where steel framing and fixings are to be used

With our fireproof plasterboard substitute range, we have different boards to suit your individual projects. Our durable board comes in a variety of sizes, thickness, weight and edges for different uses. See web site FireCrunch’s alternative fireproof plasterboard alternative products can be used for floors, ceilings, walls, decking and external linings. For extra longevity, our fire-resistant products do not degrade in water and remains inert. It can be easily unscrewed from timber or steel frames for a clean-up and repaint. FireCrunch is uniquely formulated with a non-toxic fibre composite mix so it is impervious to termites and insects and is a totally termite proof building product as it is not consumable. The market is saturated with fire resistant building boards; however, our products are compliant to the highest Australian standards. NATA /CSIRO.

ECO Friendly Firecrunch

Our substitute fireproof plasterboard range is eco-friendly and carbon neutral building board. FCA strives to sustain the environment by reducing carbon dioxide Co2 output in our manufacturing.

When producing our products, we use minimal wood chip 3% and do not destroy millions of oxygen producing trees each year as do manufacturers of paper lined plaster board like James Hardy, CSR Boral and Knauf to name few, in fact not only do they pollute at 95% more Co2 than FCA MgO products but they then have double whammy effect by destroying millions for trees that absorb Co2 , it is matter that Government will have to address eventually.

As an environmentally conscious company, we ensure we do not negatively affect the environment. We have the added benefit our products being completely free of harmful chemicals and toxins. As a result, we have become the number one choice for fire resistant building boards. Choose FireCrunch today and discover the difference for yourself.

Call us on 1300 933 102 or email sales@firecrunchaustralasia.com.au for updated information and pricing checks.

Fire Resistant Decking Board

Fire Resistant Decking Board

Are you looking for a fire resistant decking board?

If you are currently living in, or contemplating living in or building in an area that is highly susceptible to bushfires, then our fire resistant decking board range is the responsible decision for you. Given the harsh and unpredictable Australian climate, our fire resistant decking board range is 100% fire safe, meaning you can now build or live in a high risk fire area with the added peace of mind that you deserve. Here at FireCrunch, we are dedicated to manufacturing our fire-resistant decking board range and other products in an environmentally responsible manner. Bushfire resistant building FCA meets full BAL (FZ) (FLAME ZONE AS 3959) with a single 10mm board each side of frames (exceptional capability) NATA/ CSIRO FIRE TESTED AS1530.4 (C1..C19)-/ 2025, AS 1530.8.2 FIRE FURNACE TESTS AND FIRE ENGINEERING CERTIFICATES (NCC).

Looking after the planet and environment is a top priority, which is why our fire proof decking board range at FireCrunch are made completely free of harsh and harmful toxins and particles. With the superior design and build, our fire resistant decking board range is resistant to any form of deterioration or warping even when subjected to high temperatures. In any area, building materials including fire rated decking board can also be attacked by termites and other pests. FCA is made of magnesium oxide and magnesium sulphate (MgSO4) which is totally inedible by termites and eliminates expensive timber destruction.

Keeping your family in a domestic setting or employees safe in a commercial setting is guaranteed when you select from our FCA fire tested building board and fire-resistant decking board range that has undergone thorough testing and has been CRISO certificated. Stop compromising your time and budget when looking for the best fire rated decking board range when you can discover the FireCrunch difference for yourself today. Fire safe, reliable and environmentally friendly, our decking board range will be sure to meet and exceed your specific needs effectively.

Call us on 1300 933 102 or email sales@firecrunchaustralasia.com.au for updated information and pricing checks.

CSIRO Logo FireCrunch has been fire tested by Australia’s
highest testing authority, the CSIRO.

Our technology helps prevents fire damage. Download our brochure containing all our essential services which showcases the quality of FireCrunch.

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