IMPORTANT NOTICE: FireCrunch MgO Board FCA is a “Non-Metal Corrosive”, MgO “Sulphate” Board (MgOS4), Australian NATA Labs Certified, Click Here for Non Chloride Non Corrosive Content Certificate.


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IMPORTANT NOTICE: FireCrunch MgO Board FCA is a “Non-Metal Corrosive”, MgO “Sulphate” Board (MgSO4), Australian NATA Labs Certified, Click Here for Non Chloride Non Corrosive Content Certificate.

Australia is a country regularly ravaged by dangerous bushfires of varying proportions. The loss of life and property has been substantial since European settlers arrived in 1788 and still regrettably continues today.

Indigenous Aboriginal tribes were well used those occurrences and had a definitive policy of clearing bush around all areas of protective concerns.

Today we call that an Asset Protection Zone (APZ), which carries defined specifications and requirements for those building in bush fire prone areas.

The Rural (RFS) and Country fire services (CFS) are the best source of local information in your area.

As the name suggests, FireCrunch building boards are specifically designed to be a superior option in safety and fire protection. Through rigorous Australian NATA accredited labs testing like the CSIRO and continuous development, FireCrunch has redefined what it means to protect Australian homes and properties , establish an environmentally responsible low Co2 manufacturing process and a lower end user buyer cost in such BAL areas .

FireCrunch ensures the protection of homes and buildings in our unique Australian climate and environment with our all in one building board solution.


We are proud to present our NATA/ CSIRO fire tested and certificated FireCrunch product range, with a Fire Resistance Level (FRL) of 90/90/90. This only requires 1 x 10 mm thick sheet per side of steel frame (1.15 BMT).v up to 3 layers of 13mm plasterboard.

Through the development and various testing stages, it has allowed us to produce totally reliable, durable and eco-friendly building boards. FireCrunch can withstand temperatures of 1200⁰C which reinforces our quality in terms of protection of high-rise buildings and life even from the most dangerous BAL FZ bushfire conditions.

Such quality of FireCrunch reinforces a high concern for our Australia wide customers’ safety and security, with ease of use and multi-beneficial features embedded in our unique Magnesium Sulfate fire rated building boards.

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Bushfire Area Building

Through the name it might be noted that FireCrunch is a building board that offers security and peace of mind to people living in or rebuilding in bushfire zones. It does this through the use of innovative Magnesium Oxide and "Magnesium Sulphate" bushfire resistant building boards and materials that resist fire to up to 1200°C, all while being environmentally friendly and asbestos free.

Australian Standards Fire Tested

The CSIRO have fire tested and certificated all the 10mm FireCrunch boards to a standard Fire Resistance Level (FRL) of 90/90/90, with these in depth and the most “aggressive” AS 1530.4-2014/18 fire tests.

The FRL obtained with 1 x 10mm sheet is FRL 90/90/90 on light steel frame cold rolled formed blue scope steel, gauge 1.15 BMT and a 55kN load bearing on the BCA minimum 3m x 3m frame.

This is three times the level required for BAL FZ. (See CSIRO Bushfire test video with FireCrunch, Click here).

The FRL (Fire Resistance Level ) was obtained with 1 x 10mm sheet is FRL 90/90/90 on a light gauge cold rolled formed blue scope steel, gauge 1.0 BMT and a 55kN load bearing.

Fire Combat Australia (FCA) is proud of that result which ensures minimum cost for construction in bushfire areas right through to high rise residential and commercial construction where paramount concern is stability and safety.

It is important to build the correct housing for the appropriate locations and to minimise the risk of threats such as bushfires.

Recognising how FireCrunch can be incorporated to the houses in bushfire prone areas is the first step to potentially being the difference between saving lives and even simply saving valuable personal belongings. FireCrunch eco-friendly building materials are also water, sound, impact, termite, mould, and bacteria resistant. We have incorporated these resistant factors by analysing current market standards and re-establishing them in order to protect buildings.

Click here to obtain your free copy of the bush fire product installation manual.

CSIRO Logo FireCrunch has been fire tested by Australia’s
highest testing authority, the CSIRO.

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