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Bushfire Support Request

Bushfire Support Request

If your home or other property was partially or totally destroyed in the 2019 /20  bushfires, FireCrunch is offering a 20% discount off wholesale rates to assist your rebuild with FireCrunch NATA labs CSIRO tested products, which achieve three times the BAL FZ  (bushfire attack level) requirement under AS3959 and AS 1530.8.2.

We cannot economically provide this forever, but FireCrunch has determined to provide as much assistance as it reasonably can for Australians affected by these disasters.

If you register your requirement by 31st January 2021 we will hold that open for 18 months to allow time for the rebuild to commence. No money or deposit is required.

Once we receive your registration FireCrunch will issue a certificate of 20% discount to assist you when ready, valid for 18 months.

Please browse our technical and FAQs page for more information.

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  • FireCrunch has been tested by the NATA labs for bush fire maximum BAL FZ AS 1530.8.2 plus FRL from 30/30/30 to 90/60/60 Glasswool batts and FRL 90/90/90 with mineral wool and rock wool batts.
  • FireCrunch has additionally been subjected to the most powerful and aggressive fire test under the BCA that of AS1530.4 (C1..C19)-/ 2025 on a 3m x 3m steel frame 1.0 BMT rising rapidly to 1200⁰C in a furnace test over a 98 minute period without flame out or board failure FRL 90/90/90 (55kN). Test report available.
  • FRL requirements over 90/90/90 under DTS/NCC should be directed to FireCrunch on 1300 933 102 or technical@firecrunchaustralasia.com.au.
  • FireCrunch has been tested to 1200°C with no combustion or flame out.
  • FireCrunch CSIRO testing and fire testing certificates on this website for all registered National Certifiers covering from FRL 30/30/30 (Bushfire BAL FZ) to FRL 90/90/90 residential high-rise, commercial and industrial applications.
  • FireCrunch does not retain water; therefore, superheated steam will not "blow out" the product as it may do with standard building bricks in (BAL) Fire Storm conditions.
  • FireCrunch is completely fire resistant. It will not burn in a fire storm. FireCrunch is applicable in BAL 12.5 to 40 and BAL FZ, Flame Zone BAL 50Kw /m2 regulation areas and meets the AS 3959 requirements when used to protect exposed timber framing eaves joists etc., under AS/NZ 3837 materials.
  • FireCrunch insulation properties will protect internal furnishings in the home from internal combustion and ember attack" if also used on doors and Window shutters, and prevent flash burning from high external temperatures.
  • FireCrunch will not ignite from ember attacks. Ember attack is the largest single national contributor to home loss in bushfires.
  • FireCrunch is eight to ten times stronger than normal plasterboard products and is an interior exterior lining cladding board, which insulates from intense heat and cold when combined with suitable Australian climate zone insulation and fire batts.
  • FireCrunch will not swell or shrink in high variable and low variable temperatures will not swell in water so, once sealed is very ideal for use flood prone areas.
  • FireCrunch is of no interest to insect pests and termites and bacteria and mould will not grow on the board. FireCrunch is termite proof and protects all timber framing.
  • FireCrunch building board interior, exterior, wet areas product has been fire tested and assessed by the CSIRO to BCA standards to FRL 90/90/90 55kN.

Australian Certifications

  • BCA Volume One 2014: C1.8 Lightweight Construction, C1.10 Fire hazard properties and C1.12 non-combustible components, including state variations for NSW plus National Fire Test AS1530.4 (C1..C19)-/ 2025.
  • BCA Volume Two 2014: Part, Fibre Cement Planks and Weatherboard Cladding. BCA Volume Two 2014: Part, Fibre Cement Sheet Wall Cladding.
  • BCA Volume Two 2014: Part, Eaves and Soffit Linings.
  • BCA Volume Two 2014: Part 3.7.1, Fire separation for FRL, including state variations for SA (refer to limitation).
  • BCA Volume Two 2014: Part 3.7.4, Bushfire areas to Part and, including state variations NSW, QLD, SA and TAS.
  • Group 1 Fire Rating from the CSIRO.
    AS/NZS 3837 (BCA) being the highest fire tested (Group 1) product.

CSIRO Logo FireCrunch has been fire tested by Australia’s
highest testing authority, the CSIRO.

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